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Take a closer look at the work being done by the board to make avocados America’s favorite fruit.

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Long-Term Avocado Purchase Trends Study Reveals Key Trends and Growth Opportunities To Drive Sales of Hass Avocados

January 26, 2021

The avocado category has experienced substantial retail sales growth over the past four years and ranks as one of the largest fresh produce categories. The Long-Term Avocado Purchase Trends study identifies data-based insights and growth opportunities based on retail avocado shoppers’ long-term purchase trends. This way, avocado retailers and marketers can enhance their marketing strategies with actionable insights into key shopper segments.

HAB Graphic Video – Why Register on HAB.com

January 6, 2021

We have created the HAB Graphic video “Why Register on HAB.com” to help shed even more light on the site, and to invite all avocado industry stakeholders to join us on our mission to help make avocados America’s favorite fruit. It is a short, information packed, two and a half minutes outlining the features of the site, it’s main elements, both old and new, and presents the site to users highlighting aspects that we hope you find useful and informative.

USDA Announces New Board Members to Hass Avocado Board

December 21, 2020

On Thursday November 19th, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the appointment of 11 members to the Hass Avocado Board (HAB). Appointed are three producer members, three producer alternates, two importer members and two importer alternates to fill three-year terms beginning Nov. 1, 2020, and expiring on Oct. 31, 2023, and one producer alternate to fill the remainder of the term which expires on Oct. 31, 2021.

HAB Quality Manual – Spanish Edition

December 7, 2020

As we rolled out our HAB Quality Manual early in 2020 – the feedback from the industry was terrific. When we launched our HAB Quality Manual page on our website in May of this year – the response was similarly positive. But there was one question – where is the Spanish version? As we know we have many primary Spanish speaking workers along our supply chain, so readers of the manual were looking for a Spanish language version to share with this important group – so here it is.

New Research Provides Evidence That Fresh Avocados Play a Role in Gut Health

November 23, 2020

There is a community of friendly bacteria living within your intestines that help support your gut health. These bacteria break down nutrients, produce compounds that send communications to the rest of the body, and influence your immune system. Research suggests that obesity, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and colon cancer are all impacted by your gut’s health. Research supported by the Hass Avocado Board explored the role of eating avocados on gut health.

The Hass Avocado Board Launches Marketing Campaign During National Diabetes Awareness Month

November 9, 2020

HAB supports National Diabetes Awareness Month with a robust awareness campaign that focuses on how eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, like fresh avocados, can help decrease the risk of diabetes or help manage diabetes successfully.

California Avocado Society: 105 Years Young

October 19, 2020

One hundred and five years ago, a group of avocado growers got together and formed what is now the California Avocado Society. At that time, there was essentially no market for the strange and delicious fruit, and these farmers understood that cooperation would be necessary to improve “the culture, production and marketing of the Ahuacate.”

Follow the Hass Avocado Board on Social Media

October 5, 2020

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) exists to support the global avocado industry stakeholders in a collective effort towards market expansion in the U.S. To that end, we implement nutrition research and consumer communications to build and sustain demand for fresh Hass avocados in the long term, benefiting all industry members regardless of origin.

HAB focuses on Cholesterol Education Month and Healthy Living in September

September 21, 2020

Promotion programs conducted by HAB have played a fundamental role in expanding demand for Hass avocados in the United States by improving understanding of the unique benefits of avocado in human health and nutrition. The strategy for September is centered in raising awareness of the Cholesterol Education Month and partnering with POPSUGAR and POPSUGAR Latina to promote healthy living among general market consumers.

Produce Business Magazine Comments on Hass Avocado Success.

September 8, 2020

Recently our five-year evaluation study of the Hass Avocado Boards Promotion Programs 2013-2017 caught the attention of Produce Business Magazine. There they talked to Dr. Rich Sexton who together with this team from UC Davis did the evaluation of the program, and he gave the magazine a brief of the overall evaluation, with some additional comment. After that piece, a comment and analysis piece was written by Jim Prevor, publisher of that journal, as well as being the well-known industry commentator, the Perishable Pundit. He stated in his analysis that…

The Hass Avocado Board Submitted Public Comments on the DGAC’s Scientific Report To Provide Additional Insights About Avocados

August 24, 2020

The process of developing the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) is underway. On July 15th, the USDA posted the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s final scientific report, an objective review of the latest available science on specific nutrition topics. These guidelines, which along with comments from the public and other federal agencies, will inform the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop the upcoming edition of the DGA.

Understand How Hass Avocados Perform at Retail With HAB’s Category Data Reports

August 12, 2020

The Category Data Report provides actionable data to the industry of when, where and how much avocado the retail channel is selling, both in pounds and dollars. Its objective is to track and monitor the Hass avocado performance at retail in the United States, broken into separate 8 regions and 45 individual markets.