The Bold Program

The Hass Avocado Industry Board Leadership Development Program is designed to develop emerging leaders in the industry.



The Hass avocado industry faces both extraordinary opportunities and extraordinary challenges. Individuals who want to make a difference in the industry they love need a productive pathway to do so. Boards need a continuous infusion of well-rounded professional perspectives to help them stay ahead of market opportunities and to address industry challenges. The industry needs to face an increasingly complex marketplace with increasingly sophisticated problem-solvers.

BOLD: The Hass Avocado Industry Board Leadership Development Program is designed to develop emerging leaders who are both motivated and equipped to meet those opportunities and challenges. Backed by HAB, the only independent avocado organization that equips the entire industry for success, and financially supported by industry associations, BOLD focuses on nurturing the potential of the individual for the benefit of the entire industry.

In short, BOLD brings out the best in all of us …


BOLD graduates discover ways to turn their personal passion for avocados into a professional asset that can help improve profitability and increase the effectiveness of a growing industry that creates jobs, improves the well-being of consumers, and benefits entire communities.


BOLD develops knowledgeable, skilled, confident, and board-ready candidates for the Hass Avocado Board, California Avocado Commission, and importer associations.


Ultimately, BOLD results in an ever-growing group of credible and steadfast advocates for the Hass avocado industry.

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Whether you are a potential applicant or an interested member of the industry, learn more about how BOLD brings out the best in all of us.

“I’m very pleased to have served as a mentor within the BOLD program. I believe it is critically important to develop effective and wise advocates for the industry, so if there’s something I can share from my more than 40 years of experience in this industry, I’m more than happy to do it. The knowledge that participants gain from this program is a professional asset that will serve them – and the industry as a whole – for years to come.”

– Ramon Paz

“I’ve seen first-hand how this program increases participants’ understanding of everything from board member responsibilities and board structure to avocado research and marketing functions. BOLD is truly developing knowledgeable and skilled board-ready candidates and I look forward to following the bright careers of these emerging leaders.”

– Jim Donovan

“As a much younger man, I joined CAC as an alternate for my district. Even though I had already been involved with other agriculture-based groups from a very tender age, a program like BOLD would have prepped me for better service and a higher level of intelligent participation much sooner.”

– Rick Shade