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“HassAvocadoBoard.com is my hub for key info and insights.  I use HAB retail data and consumer research to build resources around projects; I use those resources to communicate with retailers. I know the data I’m using is unbiased and am always waiting for the latest study.” – DENISE, MARKETER

Volume Data & Projections

Highlights for Total U.S.

Last Week Actual(lbs)


Week 46: November 21, 2021

Current Week Projection(lbs)


Week 47: November 28, 2021

Next Week Projection(lbs)


Week 48: December 5, 2021

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Category Data

Highlights for Total U.S.

YTD Avocado Dollar Trend vs. Produce

+0.06 points

Week Ending: September 30, 2021

YTD Dollar Sales($)


Week Ending: October 3, 2021

YTD Unit Sales


Week Ending: October 3, 2021

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Quality Manual

A Guide to Best Practices for Each Step of the Supply Chain

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