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The Science of Avocados and
Better Health

People love avocados, but they sometimes question if they should really eat them as often as they want to. Thanks to nutrition research through the Avocado Nutrition Center, the answer is yes: consumers can and should eat avocados!

The positive links between avocados and better health are drivers of purchase. Now the question, how do we get this science to consumers and grow consumer demand?


A comprehensive
consumer resource:

Strongly rooted in market research, Avocados – Love One Today® was launched as a leading source on the healthiest reasons (and tastiest ways!) to enjoy fresh avocados.

Backed by science, Love One Today® is an educational resource that’s comprehensive with resources that are constantly current and culturally relevant.

Plus, it’s as easy to use as it is to enjoy an avocado!


Dedicated to
continued growth:

Avocado consumption in the U.S. has grown to 8.1 lbs. per capita in 2018, up from an average of 2.26 lbs per capita in 2000. (fig. 1)

This is an increase by over 258%, while total fresh fruit category grew by less than 9% during the same period. (fig. 2)

Avocados – Love One Today® has played a key role in that growth and is dedicated to seeing the market growth continue.

Avocado Consumption per Capita
Consumption per Capita: Fruit vs Avocado 2000-2018


An avocado advocate
for the industry:

Love One Today® equips the industry to successfully promote avocado health and nutrition regardless of country of origin or seasonality.

It brings clarity on nutrition benefits, breaks down how the latest science translates into everyday actions and gives everyone what we really want: permission to eat avocados every day.



A recognizable
nutrition resource:

FMI’s Grocery Shopper Trends shows that 82% of shoppers are actively looking for nutrition information on the front of a product.

The Avocados – Love One Today® mark and materials have proven to deliver that credible nutrition information.

Put the Mark and/or QR Codes on your existing packaging and marketing materials and give consumers what they want as soon as they pick up your product.


Having the entire avocado industry involved is key to selling more avocados.

Take part in growing fresh avocado sales and promote avocado nutrition messages in your marketing program.


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“We see a great opportunity to spread the key messaging of health and wellness through the LOVE ONE TODAY messaging. We see the importance of a healthy diet continuing to be a major driver of growth in the Avocado category and thought that including it on our boxes and other packaging materials would benefit the retailer and the consumer. We have had positive results and feedback from consumers, retailers, and buyers throughout the country. Having the messaging be on all our cartons – both California-grown Avocados and imported Avocados – has helped keep the message clear, concise and consistent. And retailers are now accustomed to seeing the logo on every box they purchase. In all our marketing presentations and when producing sales sheets, health and nutrition and the HAB’s nutrition messaging efforts are always in sync with messaging.”

– Gahl C.

“Adding the Love One Today logo on our packages has delivered the important health information consumers need. Shoppers were able to learn more about avocados and we felt confident knowing that all of the nutrition communications are well researched and validated. This gives us the proven messages we need to drive sales.”

– Gary C.

“HAB is the driving force behind disseminating nutrition information on everything avocados. Using “Love One Today” resources, customers know they’re participating in the updated nutritional guidelines set out by the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and the USDA. With fresh avocados, Americans can start simple and incorporate modest changes each day that push them closer to meeting those recommendations. As a board we have a responsibility to make every bite count. Love One Today® is a powerful directive guiding Americans to healthy decisions every day.”

– Aaron A.