Board Nominations

“I see great potential for the category and believe HAB is a major vehicle in realizing that potential” – HAB BOARD MEMBER


by consistently identifying and recruiting industry experts to guide and to serve growers and importers and to stimulate industry growth.

The Hass Avocado Board’s job is to make avocados America’s most popular fruit – and it’s working.

The Board seeks skill sets and diversity that energetically pursue its mission to support the global avocado industry stakeholders in their collective efforts toward market expansion in the U.S.


  • Become an integral part of the leadership engine that makes producers and importers successful
  • Because you benefit from the success of HAB and the industry it helps drive
  • Gain deeper industry understanding and knowledge to increase your expertise
  • Build relationships with global leaders from the avocado industry in the U.S.

When you join the Hass Avocado Board you connect with an organization of recognized success in creating a robust, nationwide produce category. Avocados are now bought and sold virtually nationwide. Consumers have happily embraced avocado nutritional benefits. HAB’s member importers have galvanized a worldwide industry’s success.

2023 Nomination Schedule

  • Mar 01 Announcement of open seats. Online nominations process opens. Announcement letter mailed to all eligible producers and importers
  • Mar 31 Deadline to submit nominations to HAB
  • Apr 07 Deadline for nominees to submit Nominee Information form and Declaration of Eligibility via email
  • Apr 12 Deadline to register to vote
  • Apr 17 E-ballots are emailed by Eballoting agency to all registered voters
  • May 11 Deadline to submit votes to Eballoting agency
  • May 12 Voting results are submitted to CPA for verification
  • May 16 CPA provides final voting results to HAB
  • May 19 HAB requests Background form from top nominees per official voting results
  • Jun 12 Deadline for top nominees to submit Background form
  • Jul 03 HAB submits Nominations Packet (official voting results and background form) to AMS and USDA Secretary
  • Nov 01 Term begins for new members and alternates

USDA Announces Appointments to the Hass Avocado Board

“I see great potential for the category and believe HAB is a major vehicle in realizing that potential.” – HAB Board Member

“HAB’s success truly depends on the leadership of our board members.” – HAB Board Member

“I am extremely passionate about the avocado industry and want to help shape its future.” – HAB Board Member

Bring your passion for the avocado industry’s growth to the Hass Avocado Board as a new Board member and help shape the future of our industry.


  • Four Board meetings a year
  • Decision-making contributions to our policy and direction
  • Bringing your drive and enthusiasm to our Board
  • Sharing your expertise as a successful industry member

Visit our HAB meeting and events page to obtain copies of the latest Board meeting minutes.


Our 5-year strategic blueprint was developed to ensure HAB’s legacy of success. Five priorities define our long-term agenda and guide our strategic plan:

  • Communications
  • Nutrition
  • Business Support Tools & Information
  • Sustainability
  • Industry Engagement & Leadership

Be a part of HAB’s success!

We’ve invested millions of dollars in nutrition-focused marketing campaigns that have helped make fresh Hass avocados a part of pop culture. Plus, our nutrition research has helped consumers understand how avocados are beneficial to their health. The entire industry can count on HAB to be a catalyst for action and a reason to be confident – and you can be a part of the future.

Download the 2021 strategic plan to learn more. You can also visit our annual reports page to learn more about our financials.

HAB’s Mission

HAB strengthens the Global Avocado Industry and its stakeholders in our collective efforts toward market development in the U.S. through leadership in Nutrition, Communications, Business Support Tools and Information, and Sustainability practices throughout the supply chain.


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