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Holiday Promotions Add Millions to Avocado Volume Sales During Q1

July 9, 2024

MISSION VIEJO, CA  –  (July 9, 2024) –The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) recently unveiled its newly improved quarterly holiday reports, now featuring holiday promotional sales […]

Hass Avocado Board (HAB) Bold Program Achieves a Three-Peat

April 30, 2024

MISSION VIEJO, CA – (April 30, 2024) – With fresh avocado consumption in the US up 260% over the last 20 years, the Hass Avocado […]

Q4 Holidays Add Millions to Hass Avocado Retail Sales   

April 3, 2024

MISSION VIEJO, CA  –  (April 3, 2024) –Shoppers embraced festive avocado dishes during the fourth quarter holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve weeks […]

Hass Avocado Board Launches 2024 Online Nominations, Invites Industry Leaders To Shape the Future of Avocado Success

March 1, 2024

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (March 1, 2024) – Today, the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) initiates the 2024 nominations, announcing the availability of open seats. Between now […]

Bagged Avocados Shine During Third Quarter Holidays

January 26, 2024

MISSION VIEJO, CA  –  (January 26, 2024) –  Bagged avocados continue to emerge as a preferred choice for shoppers during holiday gatherings. A recent Avocado […]

Survey Reveals Fundamental Factors Influencing Consumer Preference of Bagged and Bulk Avocados

January 10, 2024

MISSION VIEJO, CA (January 10, 2024) – A recent study conducted by the Hass Avocado Board delves into the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and […]

Hass Avocado Board Announces New Executive Committee for 2024 Board Year

December 13, 2023

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (December 13, 2022) – The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) has announced its newly-elected executive committee board members for the 2024 board year. […]

U.S. Avocado Industry Steps Forward On Sustainability Journey

November 1, 2023

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (November 1, 2023) – Recognizing nearly all avocado purchasers (96%) are aware, engaged and concerned about environmental and social issues,1 the Hass […]

New Study Reveals Bagged Avocados As Key Growth Driver

October 11, 2023

MISSION VIEJO, CA (October 11, 2023) – The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) is excited to share the findings of its recent study on the impact […]

Retailers Sell 27 Million Additional Avocados During Second Quarter Holidays

September 27, 2023

MISSION VIEJO, CA  –  (September 27, 2023) –  Spring and summer holidays generated higher avocado unit sales compared to 2022 according to the recently released […]

Webinar Reveals Three Actionable Insights From Global Study on How To Help Close Avocado Demand Gap Projected by 2030

August 14, 2023

MISSION VIEJO, CA – (August 14, 2023) – Updated findings from a forecast study by CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development, point […]

How a Decade of Supporting Why Avocados Are “Extra” Is Moving the Industry Forward

July 27, 2023

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (July 27, 2023) – As the avocado industry continues to boom in sales and pop culture, Fresh Avocados – Love One Today® […]