Avocado Seasonality Drivers

Understanding the impact of avocado shipments, retail sales, and shopper purchase behaviors on seasonality to drive retail sales of Hass avocados.


Over the past four years, the seasonality of avocado retail sales has shifted away from a traditional sales peak during the summer months. This study investigates the seasonal influences of the avocado supply chain and shopper purchase behaviors on the retail landscape to identify the factors driving this evolution of avocado seasonality.

Marketers & Retailers Learn:

  • When is the new peak for avocado retail sales?
  • How does the timing of avocado supply shipments impact sales in the retail marketplace?
  • What shopper purchase behaviors are the primary drivers behind the changes in seasonality?

How to Use:

Utilize the key actions and opportunities in this study to drive sales of Hass avocados during each quarter of the year. Maintain category momentum around events such as the Big Game or summertime gatherings. Connect with influential shoppers when they are highly engaged in the category and take advantage of increased retail traffic near the end of the year. Download the Avocado Seasonality Drivers study below to learn more or review the user-friendly Action Guide for quick and easy recommendations to take advantage now.