Better Together: Bagged and Bulk Avocado Shopper Trends

Identifying growth opportunities for Hass avocados with insights into Bagged and Bulk avocado purchases


This study uncovers shopper purchase trends for households that purchase exclusively Bulk avocados, exclusively Bagged avocados, or a combination of both. These purchase dynamics identify how each shopper segment contributed to long-term growth in the avocado category. Additionally, this study reveals Bulk and Bagged purchase trends for Hispanic and Non-Hispanic households.

Marketers & Retailers Learn:

  • Which household segments were an essential part of long-term category growth?
  • Which product offerings attract Super avocado-purchasing households?
  • Do Bulk and Bagged purchases differ among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic households?

How to Use:

Develop product assortment strategies that utilize the Bulk and Bagged avocado purchase trends in this study. Gain an understanding of which product offerings can attract high-value shoppers and may be an opportunity for growth in the avocado category