Building the Path to Dynamic Avocado Category Growth

Long-Term Avocado Category Growth and Opportunities to Drive Sales of Hass Avocados


This study measures the impact of heavily involved avocado shoppers on long-term category growth compared to shoppers that are less involved in the category. Additionally, this study uncovers the underlying purchase trends of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic avocado shoppers and examines their current and future roles in the growth of the avocado category.

Marketers & Retailers Learn:

  • Which shopper segments are key to long-term category growth?
  • What shopper purchase trends were the main drivers of growth from 2016-2019?
  • How do Hispanic and Non-Hispanic shoppers contribute to these long-term trends?

How to Use:

Focus on and engage with the shoppers that are making the greatest impact on growth trends in the avocado category. Develop marketing activities that leverage the long-term growth trends revealed in the study.