Millennial Avocado Market Basket

Discover what Millennials are putting in their shopping baskets when they buy avocados.


This is Part 2 of a two-part study on the impact of Millennial households on the avocado category.

Part 2 reveals insights on the value and content of the Millennial market basket with and without avocados compared to the Non-Millennial market basket.

Marketers & Retailers Learn:

  • What is the value of the Millennial market basket with and without avocados? How does it compare to Non-Millennials?
  • Do Millennial or Non-Millennial households spend more on other items in the basket? How much do they spend?
  • What items do Millennial and Non-Millennial households purchase with avocados?

How to Use:

Fresh produce offers many cross-promotion opportunities for avocados, and the insights in this study can help support cross-promotion strategies for merchandisers and retailers of avocados.