Retail Channel Overview

Understanding Avocado Category Purchase Trends by Channel To Drive Retail Sales of Hass Avocados


Learn about avocado purchase drivers in each retail channel and discover how avocado shopper segments are impacting purchase trends across the retail landscape.

Marketers & Retailers Learn:

  • Which retail channel made the greatest impact on the avocado category?
  • Which retail channel has experienced the most category growth?
  • Which shopper segments drove growth in each retail outlet?

How to Use:

Leverage opportunities to engage with all shopper segments in high-growth retail outlets to increase purchase frequency and drive category growth. Generate greater levels of engagement with the shopper segments who are making the greatest impact on the avocado category in the retail marketplace. Download the complete Retail Channel Overview study to learn more and review the Ultra Shopper Snapshot for a deeper dive into the Ultra shopper segment.