“Taste” Messaging Most Compelling to Shoppers Purchasing Avocados

New Hass Avocado Board Study Examines Shopper Attitudes and Purchase Intent

MISSION VIEJO, CA (May 20, 2015) – The Hass Avocado Board recently conducted a consumer insight study Engaging and Influencing Shoppers at Shelf, which tested 20 different messages intended for use on retail shelf displays, signage and other point-of-sale materials. The quantitative research examined shopper attitudes and purchase intent across four message themes: sensory, nutrition, usage/occasion, and call-to-action. Shoppers found the messages in the sensory and nutrition themes to be the most compelling.

“In-store point-of-sale messaging continues to be one of the most preferred and effective communication methods to influence and inform shoppers at retail,” explains Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the Hass Avocado Board. “Our goal was to ascertain message themes that resonate most with consumers, and, in particular, understand which messaging within each theme motivates purchases of Hass avocados.”

The board’s study revealed that under the sensory theme, “Naturally Delicious” topped the charts as the most preferred of all twenty messages tested and was the clear front-runner to motivate purchase. Shoppers reported they were drawn to this message because it communicated a combination of “great taste” plus it gave the sense of “real” food that “may be good for you.”

Nutrition themed messages also scored well, speaking to shopper interest in both good taste and good nutrition. Naturally Good Fats,” “Cholesterol Free” and “Good Fat in Avocados Can Replace Saturated Fat” were the most appealing of the nutrition messages. Naturally Good Fats” was the front-runner, appealing to shoppers based on three key attributes:

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Important to me
  • Believable

Ratings were found to vary by avocado usage level, with super-heavy and heavy avocado buyers responding more positively in general to at-shelf messaging. The super heavy avocado buyers were defined as consumers purchasing 120+ avocados per year; heavy buyers purchased between 37 and 119 avocados per year; and medium buyers purchased 12 to 36 avocados per year. Light buyers purchased 11 or fewer avocados per year and were not included in the study.

The Hass Avocado Board’s in-store shopper consumer insight study Engaging and Influencing Shoppers at Shelf, used a national sample of 600 primary grocer shoppers. Each message was tested with identical graphics (as shown here) to avoid potential bias related to different images.

As a secondary objective, this study measured reactions to everyday category signage options most likely to influence avocado purchases at retail. Three messages were tested: “Fresh Avocados,” “Hass Avocados,” and “Ripe Avocados.” “Fresh Avocados” performed the best among all respondents and subgroups, and scored particularly high among the super-heavy subgroup.

“The information in this study is intended to help retailers enhance their messaging to appeal to their core market,” suggest Escobedo. “In-store presentation and messaging are important factors influencing the shopper’s decision to purchase Hass avocados.”

To learn more about the results of all the messages tested, visit hassavocadoboard.com/research-insights/ to read the full report.

About The Hass Avocado Board

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) was established in 2002 to promote the consumption of Hass avocados in the United States. A 12-member board representing domestic producers and importers of Hass avocados directs HAB’s promotion, research and information programs under supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture. Hass avocados are grown in California and imported into the U.S. from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic and New Zealand.