Email, a Powerful Marketing Channel for the Hass Avocado Board

HAB has been investing millions of dollars in marketing campaigns that have helped make fresh Hass avocados a part of pop culture. The use of email within HAB’s marketing efforts played an important role to achieve this goal, by allowing us to build a more direct and personal relationship with our audience and “talk” to them on a one-on-one basis about what the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) and Love One Today® do.

Email is arguably the preferred communication channel for many, and a form of direct marketing that allows us to build and nurture the relationship with our target audiences, through tailored messages according to their interests. In our marketing strategy, email campaigns are especially valuable because the recipients already know and care about what Hass Avocado Board and Love One Today have to offer. The subscribers opted into a relationship with us, and email marketing lets us “talk” to them on a one-on-one basis, in their inbox, when it’s convenient for them, about everything HAB has to offer to the industry and why avocados should be every consumer’s first choice when deciding what foods give them the most nutrition and taste for their buck.

In the last 5 years HAB’s email marketing efforts have scaled up, become more personalized, targeted, and consistent. While Hass Avocado Board mailing list include avocado industry stakeholders, growers, importers/marketers and Board members, Love One Today’s audience are general market consumers and target health professionals who provide dietary advice to patients and clients.

In the first case, the Hass Insights monthly newsletter informs subscribers about HAB’s new market research data, category sales and insights, and we also deliver a newsletter with 4-week topline retail dollar sales for total produce, total fruit, total vegetable and Hass avocados as information becomes available. These tools are especially helpful for industry decision makers.

For general market consumers, the email marketing campaign includes a seasonal newsletter that celebrates current events, holidays and important health awareness observances as well as provides nutrition tips and facts, and a weekly newsletter with everyday recipes ideas.

Finally, newsletters addressed to health professionals showcase key resources available on including, nutrition research on the benefits of fresh avocados to human health, educational materials for them and their clients/patients, nutrition articles written by experts, and also provides recipe ideas that make it easy to recommend fresh avocados to their patients/clients.

For 2021, audiences can expect even more personalized content sustained consistency and more reasons to count on the Hass Avocado Board to be a catalyst for action and a reason to be confident for the industry. Consumers can turn to Love One Today to get facts they need to love fresh avocados even more. Either way, email is the vehicle to get all of this information out to our audiences.

You can subscribe at to receive emails including study highlights, category sales and insights, or sign up at for monthly dose of avocado nutrition, recipes, tips and much more.