Avocado Growth eToolkit


This eCommerce Toolkit provides a holistic approach for marketers and retailers to partner together to evaluate and improve a retailer’s online avocado consumer experience. This toolkit offers framework for assessing a retailer’s online Avocado consumer experience and benchmark vs. their competition. It also provides 24 specific potential solutions for improving the retailer experience based on the findings of the assessment. This toolkit is designed to enable Marketers and Retailers to partner to enhance the online consumer experience, and ensure the long-term growth of the avocado category as consumers shift to buying online.

What Marketers & Retailers Will Learn:

  • How to open a dialog on partnering together to drive eCommerce growth of avocados at retail.
  • Learn how to evaluate a retailer’s Produce/Avocado category online experience and benchmark vs. other retailers.
  • Understand how the retail experience can be improved online by implementing a selection of specific solutions to unlock long-term growth of the avocado business.

How to Use:

  • Utilizing the Digital Experience Review (DER) template, benchmark a retailer’s current online Avocado consumer experience with a competitive set of other retailers.
  • Once the opportunity areas for improvement are identified through the DER, determine areas of the consumer journey should be addressed.
  • Select the set of solutions that are most relevant given the areas of opportunity, and the current level of development (Foundation, Advanced, Leadership).
  • Marketer/Sales and Retailer work together to create a tactical plan to partner on activating specific solutions for that particular retailer.