Driving Avocado Sales – One Click at a Time!

  • DATEMarch 17, 2022     TIME1-1:30pm PST


Tim Madigan from The Partnering Group (TPG) retail consulting firm debuts the Avocado Growth eToolkit, the newest resource from HAB. The new eToolkit can be found within the Business Support Tools section of the website linked here. The evolution of grocery retail over the past two years sparks a ton of important questions and this webinar is designed to help you learn more. Avocados have exceptional opportunities within the online retail space (did you know nearly a third of shoppers are getting their avocados online? (2021 HAB Consumer Study)) and this tool can help to ensure the long-term growth of the avocado category as consumers continue to buy online.

The Hass Avocado Board’s job is to make avocados America’s most popular fruit – and it’s working. This includes ensuring that we’re supporting the industry in various places, like online retail. Check out this webinar to learn more.

Tim Madigan, The Partnering Group


Partner, The Partnering Group