HAB Offers Promotions and Menu Ideas for Game Day

Irvine, CA (Aug 6, 2007) – This football season, the Hass Avocado Board has created a winning strategy and promotional game plan for Fresh Hass Avocados. Foodservice Promotion Guide for Fresh Hass Avocados provides ideas to ensure an exciting seasonal promotion.

HAB suggests playing up local team colors with an Avocado Confetti Pizza featuring bursts of red, yellow, green and white. Even easier, HAB helps you create your own on-site tailgating event with “Tailgate with Fresh Hass Avocados” table tents, server buttons, menu inserts and Playbook with helpful menu tips.

Contact HAB at 1-800-370-3782 for a free copy of the Foodservice Promotion Guide for Fresh Hass Avocados and to customize your “Tailgate with Fresh Hass Avocado Kit”. Or, visit avoHQ.com to download an electronic version of the guide or to order your tailgating kit today.

About the Hass Avocado Board
The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) was established in 2002 to promote the consumption of Hass avocados in the United States. A 12-member board representing domestic producers and importers of Hass avocados directs the HAB’s promotion, research and information programs under supervision of the Unites Stated Department of Agriculture. Hass avocados are grown in California and imported into the US from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic and New Zealand.