MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (March 1, 2017) – As it begins its ambitious five-year strategic plan aiming to make fresh avocados the number one consumed fruit in the United States, the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) is offering board membership to industry leaders to help continue its historic success.

“This is a call to serve, to share expertise in key areas that will help us maximize our very forward-focused plan,” said HAB Chairman Chris Henry. “We know members of the industry possess the untapped skills and diversity to help move us forward.”

The plan sets six strategic priorities guiding growth efforts: building demand, nutrition, supply and demand, sustainability, industry engagement and quality.

In this year’s annual election, three open domestic Hass avocado grower seats and two open Hass avocado importer member seats, and their respective alternates, will be filled. New board members will add a diversity of talents and experience that have been critical in making HAB so successful to date.

The tremendous market momentum for Hass avocados makes 2017 an exciting time to join the effort. “Board membership has been far less a chore than an energizing, collaborative exercise in making good things happen,” said Henry.

“When you join the Hass Avocado Board, you connect with an organization of recognized success in creating a robust, nationwide produce category. Avocados are now bought and sold virtually nationwide. Consumers have happily embraced avocado nutritional benefits,” Henry added.

The board election process begins today with the mailing of the announcements of open seats to all eligible producers and importers of Hass avocados, with a deadline for receipt of nomination forms on March 29, 2017. Ballots will be mailed to producers and importers by April 19 with a deadline for receipt of ballots by May 17.

Members and alternates will be appointed by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture and will be seated at the board meeting on November 15, 2017. Visit: hassavocadoboard.com/inside-hab/leadership-governance/ to view the full schedule and further details. Visit: hassavocadoboard.com/inside-hab/leadership-governance/ for 2017 Board meeting schedule/

To learn more about the Board’s strategic plan, visit: hassavocadoboard.com/press-releases.

About the Hass Avocado Board

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) is an agriculture promotion group established in 2002 to promote the consumption of Hass Avocados in the United States. A 12-member board representing domestic producers and importers of Hass Avocados directs HAB’s promotion, research and information programs under supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture. Funding for HAB comes from Hass avocado producers and importers in the United States.