From Orchard to Active Lifestyle: Avocados’ Journey in Promoting Fitness

The Avocado Nutrition Center is pleased to announce a pioneering research study that sheds light on the impact of avocados in promoting physical activity, particularly within underserved communities. In a new clinical trial conducted among Hispanic families, participants incorporating approximately four avocados into their weekly diet experienced a substantial reported increase in moderate physical activity over six months compared to families consuming only 1-1.5 avocados weekly. Remarkably, this increase occurred without any changes in overall calorie consumption, emphasizing avocados’ unique role overall well-being.

These findings are critical when viewed against the backdrop of concerning national statistics. Currently, fewer than half of U.S. adults meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans for aerobic physical activity, a number that further declines among Hispanic adults, standing at only 44.4%. The situation is equally disconcerting among adolescents in grades 9 through 12, where less than one quarter manage to adhere to the recommended one hour of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity daily. Notably, the adherence rate among Hispanic adolescents mirrors that of adults, at just 20.9%.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of California at San Diego. As always, there are limits in the interpretations of the findings of the research, which cannot be generalized to all audiences. Nonetheless, this study, the first of its kind, offers a glimmer of hope by demonstrating that avocados have the potential to inspire positive lifestyle changes, especially within communities facing challenges in meeting physical activity guidelines. These findings expand upon a body of knowledge about avocados and their positive impact on health.

Thank you to the avocado industry for being leaders and a driving force behind a healthier, more active world. Your avocados are not just changing the way we eat; they’re transforming the way we live.

View the Study Here

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