Pioneering New Partnerships in Healthcare to Motivate Recommendations

Love One Today partners with AltaMed and American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Fresh Avocados – Love One Today® (LOT) is innovatively expanding the depth of its partnerships with leading healthcare organizations to promote avocado nutrition education, strengthening their confidence in the research and inspiring recommendations to their patients.

While most healthcare providers feel they know a lot about diet and nutrition, they want to learn more as almost three-quarters believe they are influencers in this space. Strategic partnerships like these break new ground, elevating awareness amongst health professionals of the growing body of evidence supporting the nutrition benefits of avocado consumption.


The nation’s largest independent federally qualified health center, AltaMed’s healthcare providers influence 300,000 primarily Hispanic patients. This year, their Foundation spotlighted avocado research during two Grand Rounds, which are expert-led virtual presentations providing peer-to-peer education on the latest research and happenings in the medical community. The discussions, championed by an AltaMed site medical director, highlighted the findings and practical applications of two avocado research studies and encouraged over 370 targeted healthcare providers to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the latest science. Fresh avocados and premium items were shared to build excitement across multiple clinics.

American College of Lifestyle Medicine

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) organizes the fastest-growing specialty among healthcare providers as more look for ways to reduce chronic disease through therapeutic lifestyle interventions, such as improving nutrition. This year, HAB joined their Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable to share evidence-based Love One Today® resources, including continuing education materials. Through strategic activities, we’ve begun educating thousands of healthcare providers that have a preventative mindset when it comes to helping patients reach healthy living goals.

Keeping health professionals informed on the latest science is key to empowering referrals that drive purchases. Thanks to continued investment in partnerships, we’re able to lead discussions that make it easy for influential healthcare providers to recommend avocados.

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