Hass Avocado Board Participates at the World Avocado Congress

Members of HAB staff recently participated at the World Avocado Congress in Medellin Colombia, and personally brought the work of HAB to over 3,200 avocado industry stakeholders at this prestigious event.

Every 4 years all the major players in the avocado world get together to share information, plans, and insights into what is going on in their particular sector of the avocado world. Whether it is in the area of new genetics, avocado production methods, nutritional research, quality, sustainability, commercial and marketing updates, the world comes together in a transparent attempt for the industry to share best practices and move the industry collectively forward.

At this Congress in Medellin representatives from over 50 countries came together to talk about all things avocados and share the successes, the opportunities, as well as the challenges that we all face to keep this dynamic industry growing and thriving.

In Medellin, your HAB team contributed to the discussion on many fronts.

Dr. Nikki Ford presented to a large group a presentation entitled, “HAB Research Program and the Regulatory Framework in the United States”. She also moderated panels that included researchers doing work for HAB and building the basis of nutritional information that allow us to present avocados as nutritious and healthy. She shared the work of the Board and the benefit of the nutritional research and marketing investments we make to make avocados America’s favorite fruit.

Dr. Nikki Ford

Emiliano Escobedo, Executive Director

Executive Director, Emiliano Escobedo, presented to an enthusiastic audience about the overall work of HAB in his talk “Hass Avocado Board and its role in growing demand in the United States”. His talk was overwhelmingly well received and gave hundreds of global stakeholders a well-documented look into the work of HAB. His presentation allowed people to see the strategy and the success our work has produced here in the U.S. and gave others pause to think how can we participate to help this industry grow and succeed like HAB does.

Emiliano Escobedo, Executive Director

Finally, Director of Industry Affairs, John McGuigan, led a global panel on the importance of quality in the avocado supply chain, and how our collective efforts to deliver better quality to our customers and consumers is vital to keep our industry growing and succeeding. His panel helped people see the economic benefit of producers, importers and exporters everywhere that good quality delivers and keeps our customers coming back for more!

John McGuigan

Your team was well prepared, shared the work of the Board and the vital mission we are tasked with. They also demonstrated to stakeholders around the world that HAB is a vital part of the avocado infrastructure in helping the business grow and prosper.

The next congress will be held in New Zealand in 2023, and you can bet that this industry will be sharing good news stories about avocado health and vitality, and our growing number of consumers in the U.S. that benefit from enjoying avocados as a part of their personal diets.

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