Meet the World-Class Scientists that Advise the Avocado Nutrition Center

Hass Avocado Board’s Avocado Nutrition Center (ANC) goal is to be the standard-bearer for avocado nutrition research by building the foremost body of credible and comprehensive avocado nutrition health science that is beyond reproach. In this effort, the ANC is supported by the Avocado Nutrition Science Advisory (ANSA), a group of scientific experts that help to inform the nutrition affairs and science pipeline strategies.

The group recently met in Huntington Beach with HAB staff and board nutrition liaison, Marque Vawters, for thoughtful learning and discussion. We’re proud to introduce you to our world-class 2023 ANSA group.

Avocado Nutrition Center Scientists
  • Dr. Corrie Whisner at Arizona State University has served as an advisor since 2020. Her research program focuses on maternal and child health and the gut microbiome.
  • Dr. Alison Ventura at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently joined ANSA in 2022 and is interested in the psychology of parent-infant eating behaviors during the introduction of complementary foods.
  • Dr. Louise Dye at the University of Leeds joined ANSA in 2020 and is an expert in the effects of foods on cognitive performance, digestive function and appetite control. Currently she’s serving as the International Life Science Institute European Chair.
  • Dr. Paul Spagnuolo at the University of Guelph has supported ANSA since 2020. As a leading nutraceutical researcher, he is working to understand how avocado compounds affect cell metabolism and leukemia.
  • Dr. Megan McCrory at Boston University joined ANSA in 2022. She uses technology to better understand food intake and diet assessment. She’s currently serving on the editorial boards of multiple nutrition journals.
  • Dr. Jana Kraft at the University of Vermont joined ANSA in 2023 and is a leading expert in dietary fats and their effect on chronic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes.

Working closely with ANSA, we’re using scientific information to address misinformation about the health benefits of avocados and actively informing decisions that affect the public.

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