The California Avocado Production Prospect

The California Avocado industry has a rich history of growing, innovating, changing, and reinventing itself as the needs of the marketplace have changed over time.

It has also adapted to the changing population, varying demographics, and the ever-shifting demands on land use in the agricultural space, and how to be the most efficient producers they can be. The current environment is no different, and the industry is once again in transition. The CIRAD team interacted with many stakeholders throughout the state, producers, marketers, handlers, and others important to the supply chain here in CA to find out where the industry is at today, and where it will be going. This report will give you a view into that legacy past, the profitable present, and will try and give you insights to help understand where these industry leaders might take the California avocado into the future – enjoy!

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Other Happenings

Leadership at the Avocado Nutrition Center Joins the Foundation for Fresh Produce Board

July 8, 2024

Dr. Nikki Ford’s new role on the FFP Board heralds a fruitful era for the avocado industry, aligning with ANC’s health-driven research and initiatives.

Research from the Avocado Nutrition Center and the Benefits of Fiber in Avocado Shared at the Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium

June 17, 2024

On Monday, May 20, HAB Staff Ella Bauer, PhD, and Amanda Izquierdo, MPH, RD, LDN, presented to nutrition professionals the benefits of the fiber in avocados on gut health and chronic disease risk reduction.

Introducing BOLD Class 4

June 3, 2024

We are pleased to announce the participants who make up our fourth Board Leadership Development (BOLD) Class 4 that was initiated the last week of March.