Understand How Hass Avocados Perform at Retail With HAB’s Category Data Reports

HAB is the only avocado organization that equips the entire industry for success. It is a unique source of consolidated data and tools that make stakeholders more knowledgeable to plan ahead and support critical decision-making.

HAB supports avocado suppliers with strategic, quality, supply and demand data programs so they can make better decisions when running their business. We work diligently to provide information that is vital to the industry’s success, whether it is short-term inventory data, or long-term consumer data that helps everybody in the supply chain keep a knowledgeable eye on the consumer and their purchasing drivers.

The Category Data Report provides actionable data to the industry of when, where and how much avocado the retail channel is selling, both in pounds and dollars. Its objective is to track and monitor the Hass avocado performance at retail in the United States, broken into separate 8 regions and 45 individual markets.

This information is made available at HAB’s website, presented in charts and data tables in sections that are self-explanatory and user friendly, and is also provided in a downloadable format for users that want to do their own analysis.

Anybody can download it for free as long as they have an active account. It allows stakeholders to understand all the variables in the marketplace, like volume and price trends, high and low consumption periods, impacts of promotional pricing, as well as, SKU performance by PLU and package. It can also help to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs and locations.

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We provide annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly updates of the data and it goes from very high-level general reports to detailed data on the different PLUs, on conventional and organic, as well as Hass versus other varieties of avocados.

The Category Data Report can be strategically used by everybody in the supply chain to learn more about the dynamics of the category: packers, marketers, retailers, importers, transportation and distribution companies, as well as producers.

2020 has been a very different year compared to any other. Although there is not enough data yet to make strict comparisons, we learned recently that consumers are making buying choices concerning their health, including avocados in their diets because they know that they are healthy and also taste good. The quick loss of the foodservice sector in the avocado supply chain that occurred in March was dramatic. But volumes going through the retail channel rapidly compensated for much of that lost volume. Total avocado volume into the US marketplace in early April, initially dropped into the 24 million pounds per week range but came roaring back to reach levels of 65-70 million pounds per week, with the vast majority of that volume going through the retail channel.

We invite you to check not only the Category Data section, but also the Global Trade Reports, the Regional Composite Report and the Research and Insights section to find more useful data and tools to make your avocado business successful.

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