Advancing Health Policy with Avocado Research: ANC’s Impact

The Avocado Nutrition Center (ANC) continues to spearhead and support groundbreaking research uncovering the health benefits of incorporating avocados into daily diets. Our efforts are directed toward establishing and solidifying a robust body of evidence highlighting avocado consumption’s positive impacts on various health parameters.

An Australian study involving 2,736 participants revealed that individuals who consumed avocados exhibited lower BMI, waist circumference, plasma glucose levels, HbA1c, and higher HDL cholesterol than non-consumers. On average, participants had a daily avocado intake of 25 grams. This study established associations but not causation.

In a 26-week clinical study involving 1008 adults with abdominal obesity, half of the participants received one avocado daily while maintaining their usual diet. This intervention led to a 4.74-point increase in healthy eating index scores. Avocado supplementation increased self-reported vegetable intake, improved fatty acid ratio, and reduced sodium, refined grains, and added sugars. The changes were not correlated with changes in cardiometabolic risk factors.

Furthermore, during a 6-month clinical trial, researchers found that eating roughly four avocados per week, compared to 1 to 1.5 avocados a week, led to an uptick in reported physical activity within Hispanic families.

It’s unclear how these studies’ results apply to different populations. Still, they contribute evidence to suggest that avocados are heart-healthy, may benefit a diabetes-friendly diet, and can be part of healthy dietary patterns by naturally displacing less healthy options.

Beyond research, the ANC remains committed to disseminating knowledge and resources to support government agencies’ dietary recommendations. Our collaboration with MyPlate has facilitated the integration of avocado-related content into public nutrition resources. We promoted these materials through an invited webinar to over 500 nutrition education specialists.

Additionally, the ANC’s advocacy efforts have borne fruit with the recent finalization of the WIC food package, which now includes increased cash value vouchers for fruits and vegetables. These developments mark significant strides in recognizing and supporting the pivotal role of avocados in fostering healthier dietary habits among diverse populations.

As we continue to advance our understanding of avocados’ health-promoting properties, the ANC remains steadfast in championing evidence-based nutrition research.


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