Nutrition 2023 Spotlight: Avocado Nutrition Center’s Trailblazing Presence

In a long-awaited return to in-person events, the Avocado Nutrition Center (ANC) made a significant mark at Nutrition 2023, the foremost global gathering of researchers, doctors, and experts in nutrition. Held in Boston, Massachusetts, in late July, this event marked the first in-person Nutrition meeting since 2019 and attracted over 3000 attendees. The ANC’s participation included Board nutrition liaison Mark Vawters, along with ANC staff, and funded researchers.

The ANC’s commitment to advancing nutritional knowledge was evident through presentation of seven cutting-edge avocado nutrition research abstracts. These abstracts were showcased through both posters and oral presentations. A highlight of the event was the ANC-sponsored breakfast session, which brought to the forefront the findings and insights garnered from the Habitual diet and Avocado Trial (HAT). This session not only elucidated the health benefits of incorporating avocados into daily diets but also highlighted the ANC’s role as a catalyst for innovative research.

Celebration abounded as the ANC hosted a reception, attended by 40 esteemed scientific advisors and current avocado nutrition scientists. The event served as a platform to commemorate the completion of studies, the initiation of new projects, and the publication of new avocado nutrition research.

Nutrition 2023 event photo
Nutrition 2023 event photo
Nutrition 2023 event photo
Nutrition 2023 event photo

The ANC’s presence at Nutrition 2023 underscored its position as a leader in avocado nutrition research. By contributing to the scientific discourse and fostering connections among researchers and experts, the ANC continues to drive forward a deeper understanding of the role of avocados in a healthy diet.

As Nutrition 2023 marked a significant step towards reuniting the nutrition community, the Avocado Nutrition Center’s active participation demonstrated its commitment to advancing the science of nutrition and its dedication to improving public health through education and evidence-based avocado research. The ANC’s role in this premier event is a testament to its ongoing influence in shaping the landscape of nutrition and fostering a healthier world.

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