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Launched by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) in 2013 to give people the best reasons to enjoy more fresh avocados in their life, Love One Today (LOT) is an educational resource focused on reducing purchase barriers by showcasing the positive links between avocados and health. Rooted in science, LOT has been steadily improving public opinion and advocacy from health professionals for the nutritional value of fresh avocados for ten years. What started as successful programs for registered dietitians, who are amongst the most influential health professionals when it comes to nutrition, has now developed into targeted campaigns focused on physicians and nurses who increasingly want to be more confident advising patients about the link between nutrition and their health. A robust pipeline of free recipes, educational handouts, and easy-to-follow meal ideas on helps health professionals break down the science and further inspire their clients to enjoy avocados’ goodness every day. Love One Today is a leading source of the healthiest reasons and tastiest ways to enjoy avocados and is driven to keep supporting industry demand by moving the conversation from avocados being a fad, party food to an invaluable investment in good health.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the first publication supported by the Avocado Nutrition Center (ANC), HAB’s research resource dedicated to discovering and validating the role of fresh avocados in improving human health without bias. Without the ANC, the vast majority of research into the avocado as a whole food wouldn’t exist and today, nearly 50 peer-reviewed publications have been added to the growing body of evidence supporting avocado’s benefits on heart health, weight management, diabetes and healthy living across the lifespan.

Thanks to the investment in research by the ANC and successful promotion by LOT since its founding 10 years ago, there are more health-based reasons known today to motivate shoppers to love avocados.

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