HAB Celebrates the 20th Anniversary “Making It Happen” Recognition Award Recipients

Hass Avocado Board 20th Anniversary Honorees
Hass Avocado Board 20th Anniversary Honorees
Hass Avocado Board 20th Anniversary Honorees

Our 20th Anniversary has provided an opportunity to reflect on two decades of achievements while looking forward to the next frontier of continuing to build and drive consumption of avocados with the help and collaboration of industry members. While we’ve taken an opportunity to share our story and milestones, we also want to draw attention to the people who have been “making it happen” for all of us in the avocado industry with our 20th Anniversary “Making It Happen” Recognition Awards.

HAB is pleased to recognize the hard-working individuals who have championed our mission to make avocados America’s most popular fruit. As a result of nominations from numerous industry peers, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on a mix of folks from all corners of the avocado industry who have played a critical role in where HAB has been and where it’ll go in the future.

We invite you to join us in congratulating the recipients:

Industry Members

Adrian Iturbide

Bob Schaar

Charley Wolk

Chris Henry

David Fausset

Enrique Camet

Gahl Crane

James C. Donovan

Jamie Johnson

Jorge Covarrubias

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Restrepo

Jose Antonio Castro Echecopar

Ron Campbell

Salvador L. Dominguez

Scott Bauwens

Sergio Chavez

Xavier Equihua

Past and Present Staff Members

Alejandro Gavito

Emiliano Escobedo

Gina Widjaja

Jan DeLyser

John McGuigan

Jose Luis Obregon

Natalia Arias

Nikki Ford, PhD

Robert Rumph

Silvia Standke