HAB Quality Manual – Spanish Edition

As we rolled out our HAB Quality Manual early in 2020 – the feedback from the industry was terrific.

When we launched our HAB Quality Manual page on our website in May of this year – the response was similarly positive – with many in the avocado supply chain giving us positive reviews, and letting us know that the manual was helping to improve avocado quality by informing stakeholders about handling best practices along the chain.

But there was one question – where is the Spanish version? As we know we have many primary Spanish speaking workers along our supply chain, so readers of the manual were looking for a Spanish language version to share with this important group – so here it is.

We placed our new Spanish language version of the HAB Quality Manual on the same landing page as the English version to create a one-stop shop for this important tool. We wanted to make it easy and as turnkey as the English version, so each chapter is easily downloadable in PDF format for ease of use, printable, and for ease of using from a mobile device.

HAB Quality Manual Sections in Spanish

We hope that you will utilize this tool to help us get the freshest possible product to market. To promote it to others so that we can all work together to help keep our industry fresh and vibrant. Share it with others in the chain that may not know about this tool, so that they can do their part. And support each other as we continually work to make avocados a part of every American’s diet.

Please click the button below and see for yourself. We have divided up the manual into supply chain sections, so you can access as small a part of the process as you like or download the entire manual.

View the HAB Quality Manual

HAB is the only independent avocado organization in the world, and we equip the entire industry for success. This new tool is another example of HAB’s investment into our collective future, and our way to help all stakeholders realize the success they work so hard to achieve.

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