HAB Webinar: Avocado World Market Projection Up to 2030, Version 2.0

The global avocado market is complex. A study by CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development, was updated recently to check on supply and demand forecasts, revealing in one model a high possibility of a surplus supply of fresh avocados around the world by 2030. Industry leaders are invited to join an on-demand webinar, Avocado World Market Projection Up to 2030, Version 2.0, presented by Eric Imbert, a lead CIRAD researcher, to review the dynamic changes as well as opportunities shaping the future of the global marketplace and his three key pieces of advice for remaining competitive.

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Through the webinar, stakeholders can expect high-level, quality insights and solutions that uniquely come from CIRAD’s holistic overview of the global landscape.

This is the third webinar of HAB’s 2023 on-demand webinar series to support industry members in making better business decisions and driving category growth more effectively.

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