Introducing BOLD Class 2

BOLD Class 2 members attending UC Davis Classes June, 2022

The avocado industry’s Board Leadership Development Program (BOLD) seated it’s second class on March 28, 2022. These future avocado industry leaders applied for the year-long program, to immerse themselves in learning about the industry, the boards that serve it, and to gain the knowledge that will prepare themselves for future board participation.

The Hass avocado board (HAB) developed this program in 2020, as a way to find next generation industry leaders, as the industry faces an increasingly complex marketplace, and needs increasingly sophisticated problem solvers.

BOLD was designed to develop emerging leaders who are both motivated and equipped to meet the avocado industry’s extraordinary opportunities, and extraordinary challenges. BOLD will increase participant’s understanding of board member responsibilities, avocado research & marketing functions, finance and fiduciary responsibilities, board structure and membership, governance, and much more.

The members of this year’s BOLD Class 2 are:

Image for Casey Beltran
Casey Beltran – Producer/Importer
Image for Maureen Cottingham
Maureen Cottingham – Producer
Image for Caitlin Cunha
Caitlin Cunha – Producer/Importer
Image for Hillary DeCarl
Hillary DeCarl – Producer/Importer
Image for Elizabeth Flores
Elizabeth Flores – Producer/Importer
Image for Gwen Jackimek
Gwen Jackimek – Importer
Image for Osvaldo Magana
Osvaldo Magana – Producer
Image for Carlos Valerio Medel
Carlos Valerio Medel – Producer
Image for Jeff Onstot
Jeff Onstot – Producer/Importer
Image for Jose Pardo
Jose Pardo – Producer/Importer
Image for John Patrick
John Patrick – Producer/Importer
Image for LeighAnne Thomsen
LeighAnne Thomsen – Importer

BOLD develops knowledgeable, skilled, confident, and board-ready candidates for the Hass Avocado Board, California Avocado Commission, and importer associations for the industry. This year’s class in comprised of avocado producers and marketers, interested in the continued growth of the industry, and the creation of long-term value for the industry through volunteerism, and potential future board participation.

All Class 2 participants have been assigned a yearlong mentor relationship with a current or former industry board member, to lean on with questions, insights, and understanding of Board dynamics, and responsibilities.

BOLD brings out the best in all of us and builds a stronger future for this industry we all love and want to see continue to prosper and grow.

Read More About HAB’s BOLD Program Here

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