Leadership at the Avocado Nutrition Center Joins the Foundation for Fresh Produce Board

The Foundation for Fresh Produce (FFP) is an organization that’s mission is to cultivate a healthier world by altering the course of human health, focusing on enhancing the accessibility and attractiveness of fruits and vegetables. These initiatives encompass investments in expanding the “food is medicine” programs across the US and guaranteeing that school food programs prioritize nutritious fruits and vegetables.

As a newly appointed Board of Directors member of the FFP, Dr. Nikki Ford of the Avocado Nutrition Center (ANC) is positioned with both organizations to facilitate the delivery of substantial benefits to the avocado industry, as the ANC has been at the forefront of developing research and disseminating information that underscores the health advantages of consuming avocados. Moreover, the ANC is committed to ensuring that all scientific evidence regarding the role of fresh Hass avocados in promoting human health is considered and used in authoritative dietary guidance and public health initiatives. The FFP’s priorities are closely aligned with the ANC’s ongoing endeavors. In particular, as a board member, Nikki will leverage her extensive experience in Federal government nutrition affairs strategies to provide valuable guidance to the FFP.

While this appointment marks a personal achievement for Nikki, it also represents a strategic opportunity for the avocado industry to elevate its impact and reach. By aligning with the FFP’s initiatives, we can forge new pathways for marketing and education, ensuring that the narrative of avocados as a wholesome food is communicated to a broader audience. Together, we can positively change the public’s perception of nutrition and health with avocados at the forefront.

Dr. Ford is honored to accept this role and is keen to contribute to the FFP’s vision, applying her expertise to benefit both the foundation and the avocado industry. Here’s to a successful partnership and a healthier world, with avocados playing a central role.


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