Regional Category Research Reveals Key Actions and Opportunities To Grow Avocado Sales Across the United States

The avocado category has grown over the last four years as evolving shopper behaviors have driven changes in category development across the U.S. As the category continues to grow, regions across the U.S. have grown at different rates creating highly developed and emerging regions.

In the western U.S., California and the West regions continue to show high category development index (CDI) driven by a highly engaged shopper base. These regions also have a higher household penetration, purchase frequency, and the highest proportion of Ultra shoppers. However, CDI has remained flat in the western U.S., while the Northeast, Midsouth and Southeast have shown significant gains in category development. Increasing avocado purchase frequency is one driver of greater development in the East.

Read more category development drivers for each region in the U.S. in the recent Hass Avocado Board Regional Category Development Drivers Study. The study details key actions and opportunities that avocado marketers and retailers can take advantage of to help grow Hass avocado sales in all regions across the U.S.

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