Saborea Uno Hoy® Leverages Latest Research to Elevate Value and Help Sustain Purchase Levels of Avocados Amongst Key U.S. Hispanic Consumers

Saborea Uno Hoy Loteria Handout and Super Mamas podcast
Saborea Uno Hoy Loteria Handout and Super Mamas podcast

Customized for Hispanic consumers, Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy® (SUH) is a leading, culturally relevant source of the healthiest reasons and tastiest ways to enjoy fresh avocados. Research shows the Hispanic population is influential and in fact, made up more than half of total U.S. population growth over the past decade.1 With nearly all (90%) buying avocados and purchase levels skewing higher among those retaining traditional behavior and beliefs, ongoing culturally-relevant programs and bilingual content from SUH are key to sustaining consumption among this key audience.

Most recently, SUH led a bilingual campaign to empower families to engage in conversation around the dining table about health issues specific to Hispanics and the role of nutrition. The program worked to elevate the value of avocado by leveraging new research, SUH’s expert spokesperson, influencers and a fun downloadable resource. Key elements included:

  • Recently published research funded by the Avocado Nutrition Center supporting the role of fresh avocados combined with nutrition education to help support weight management, while reducing the overconsumption of saturated fat and sodium for Hispanic families.
  • A podcast interview on Super Mamás, a top-rated online community for Hispanic mothers. In the episode titled, Not Leaving Health to Chance: Proactive Avocado Nutrition with Registered Dietitian Malena Perdomo MS, RDN, CDE, the hosts interviewed our Avocado Goodness Expert to discuss the research and value of proactive nutrition with avocados. Given the relevancy of the topic to Hispanic families, over 25,000 fans have downloaded the episode to date. The episode was promoted across Super Mamás and Malena’s Instagram, resulting in additional awareness.
  • A colorful educational handout that leverages the imagery and emotion tied to the popular Hispanic game of chance – Lotería – to break through, excite and educate how the latest science shows it is possible to reduce risk factors for disease with fresh avocados as part of a healthy eating pattern. This educational asset was also promoted during the Super Mamás podcast episode and Instagram page.
  • Strategic media outreach to key media, resulting in coverage in People en Español, the Spanish-language publication of People magazine. The publication is read by more than 3.5M bilingual consumers each month.

The work SUH is doing continues as an ongoing effort to strategically place helpful resources in front of Hispanic consumers and remind them of the value of investing in their health.

Source: Pew Research, Key Facts about U.S. Latinos, September 2022.


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