The Board Leadership Development Program (BOLD)

Hass Avocado Board’s Leadership Development Program Providing Future Leaders with Foundational Education

The Hass avocado industry faces both extraordinary opportunities and challenges moving into the future, and the industry needs to face an increasingly complex marketplace with increasingly sophisticated problem-solvers.

BOLD is designed to develop emerging leaders who are both motivated and equipped to meet those opportunities and challenges. BOLD is backed by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB), the only independent avocado organization that equips the entire industry for success. But the program has been embraced by every country organization and the California Avocado Commission, as the industry seeks future leaders for all the boards to keep the industry one step ahead of its competitors. BOLD, through its design and implementation, will develop knowledgeable , skilled, confident, and board-ready candidates for all the affiliated organizations.

BOLD logo

This years BOLD Class 1, made up of 12 of the industry’s bright future stars is an example of how the program can be a benefit to producers and importers of Hass avocados alike, and brings these groups together to develop working relationships that can last a lifetime. An adjacent mentoring program gives participants access to board experienced leaders who have traveled this path, to provide input and insights into how the system works.

Participants have already had the opportunity to learn about HAB, USDA oversight, and enjoyed 12 hours of US Davis lead learnings covering a wide spectrum of subjects to develop future leaders that are board-ready and prepared to participate on day one. Future sessions include an avocado supply chain deep dive, attending board & association meetings and events, and personal interactions with each of the avocado commissions & associations to learn in depth about go-to-market strategies of all these marketing powerhouses.