The “HAB Effect” Delivers Value
For Entire Avocado Industry

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) recently debuted a new video which highlights the contributions the organization makes to the industry to support growing avocado consumption in the United States.

With the goal of reaching industry members within the supply chain, the video serves as a powerful resource for fostering a deeper understanding of the work that HAB is doing for the avocado industry in the United States and making stakeholders even more knowledgeable about the work the board does.

The video is located on a landing page that outlines with infographics the details of the HAB Effect, as well as some of the outstanding results the work has created over the years. “We are thrilled to share this new video with our industry,” said HAB Chairman Jorge Hernandez. “It demonstrates that the avocado industry can count on HAB to be a catalyst for action and a reason to be confident in the future of our business.”

The video brings to life HAB’s two-fold approach which the organization calls the “HAB Effect”. It shows both the programs that the board enables, which are the promotions carried out by the country of origin organizations and the programs that HAB itself implements, which benefit all industry members. As the only independent avocado organization, HAB’s goal is to equip the entire industry for success.

Watch the HAB Effect Video and Learn More

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