The Market Opportunity Matrix:
The First Category Development Tool
for the Industry

In 2019, avocado consumption in the United States reached an impressive 7.6 pounds per capita, which represented an annual average expenditure of $18.97. The total volume of conventional Hass avocados sold in the country jumped up to 2.49 billion pounds, making them the envy of the produce industry. However, there are still opportunities for growth.

The Hass Avocado Board released earlier in 2020 the Market Opportunity Matrix based on 2019 data and designed to help avocado merchandisers and industry stakeholders identify, quantify and prioritize potential market-level opportunities for their businesses.

HAB is the only avocado organization that equips the entire industry for success. It provides unique analytical tools, such as this Avocado Category Market Development Tool, along with a variety of industry information and studies to assist marketers and retailers with uncovering growth opportunities and planning for store promotions.

    The Market Opportunity Matrix provides an understanding of 45 markets, which have unique profiles and vary significantly by population, category development and other related measures, using a five-multi-metric model approach to review market-by-market differences and their implications for category growth:

  • Avocado Category Development Index – Ranks growth opportunity relative to population;
  • Avocado Fair Share Analysis – Quantifies potential dollar opportunities if gaps are closed;
  • Avocado Category Dollar Trend Opportunity – Ranks the markets by growth opportunities;
  • Distribution vs. Velocity Quadrant Analysis – Total Category and Bagged Avocados – Identifies the market development strategy suggested by each quadrant; and
  • Avocado Distribution Opportunity – Total Category and Bagged Avocados – Ranks the markets by potential dollar growth opportunities if gaps are closed.
Market Opportunity Matrix

The Market Opportunity Matrix is a hands-on tool based on actual data, with predetermined measures, so users can generate their own insights based on their needs. It is self-explanatory and user friendly as it guides the user on how to evaluate each targeted market with the opportunity model provided by the study.

Retailers and industry stakeholders are encouraged to utilize this Market Development Tool by applying it to your business in three simple steps:

  1. Focus on the markets you supply;
  2. Evaluate each opportunity model for opportunities in your markets; and
  3. Evaluate potential opportunities for expansion into new markets.

Download the Market Opportunity Matrix

We will soon launch a new Excel tool that will make it easier and more efficient for you to analyze the top 45 markets in the U.S. It will be available on this website shortly, so stay tuned!

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