Which Retail Channels Are Winning With Avocado Shoppers?

Developing a deeper understanding of fresh avocado shoppers purchase trends and behaviors helps marketers and retailers create strategies that grow sales of fresh Hass avocados. In the constantly evolving retail marketplace, market dynamics are influenced by shopper purchase behaviors and characteristics. A recent avocado channel segmentation study by the Hass Avocado Board provides a greater understanding of avocado shopper segmentation by outlining key purchase metrics of buyer groups within each retail outlet where avocados are purchased. As a companion piece to a study released earlier this year, Rethinking Retail: Avocado Shopper Segmentation, this study helps the industry further understand key shopper segments by diving into the retail channels where shoppers purchase avocados and outlines key purchase metrics within each retail outlet.

  • Grocery claimed the majority of avocado purchases across all shopper segments in 2020. However, grocery lost dollar share to the internet and large format channels since 2017.
  • The Internet channel has emerged as the fastest growing channel for avocado shoppers over the past four years. The channel has shown growth for avocado purchases of nearly +334% since 2017.
  • Club Stores have the second highest share of avocado purchases at 14% and posted the second highest growth rate at +26% since 2017.

As marketers and retailers work to understand the changing retail marketplace better, the findings in the channel segmentation study highlight opportunities to engage with shopper segments in the various retail channels. Download a copy of the full study and action guide for more information about these shopper channels and segments, including key insights, shopper trends and profiles.

Download the Complete Study

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