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Recognizing nearly all avocado purchasers (96%) are aware, engaged and concerned about environmental and social issues,1 the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) started a plan several years ago to tell the industry’s sustainability story. Important new resources, like the Avocado Sustainability Center and its new website are the result of leadership consistently driving momentum by investing in consumer research and evaluating business opportunities as well as threats. The launch of the Avocado Sustainability Center is a collaborative win that reflects the industry’s commitment to leave a lasting positive impact on people and planet for generations to come.

“Thanks to a decade of building a compelling value proposition based on avocado’s strong nutrition benefits, the industry starts from a position of strength as it embarks on addressing a complex issue like sustainability,” remarked John McGuigan, Director of Industry Affairs, Hass Avocado Board. “We have initiated the process of building our knowledge base, and identifying gaps that will inform further research, drive thought leadership and support continuous improvement of best practices for a stronger future for the global industry.”

Get timely updates and a look at the Avocado Sustainability Center’s resources by tuning into The Avocado Sustainability Commitment. Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Planet webinar at HassAvocadoBoard.com/webinars starting on November 1. Be among the first to learn about how its vision to become a central source of sustainability research, data and information for the industry is unfolding.

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This is the final installment of HAB’s 2023 webinar series. The full line-up of episodes from this year is easy to access and available on-demand to support the industry in making better business decisions and driving category growth more effectively.

1. Source: Hass Avocado Board, Sustainability Research, 2020-2021

Recent Happenings

HAB Sustainability Task Force

April 12, 2021

Early in the new year, the Hass Avocado Board added a Sustainability Task Force to its roster of standing and special committees. During the 5 year (2021-2025) strategic planning process in 2020 the Board of Directors changed the focus of our previous sustainability efforts to that of a more core value program that the Board, and the industry must embrace as we move into the future.

Fruit Logistica Trend Report 2020: A Guide to Sustainability in the Fresh Produce Business

July 27, 2020

Early this year, as we were preparing to put our own plan of action into place and talk about a strategic framework for sustainability in the avocado industry with our Board of Directors at the Hass Avocado Board, we came across this study that was published to coincide with Fruit Logistica in Berlin in February of 2020. The report written by Cindy van Rijswick of Rabobank, commissioned by Fruit Logistica, and edited and designed by Fruitnet Media International, was one of the most interesting and educational reports on sustainability in the agricultural industry we have seen.

HAB – Preparing for the Future

February 7, 2022

Three board decisions made in 2021, will continue to propel us toward our vision of making avocados America’s most popular and desired fruit – a goal we work towards every day.