Seasonality Research Discovers Untapped Opportunities to Increase Avocado Purchases

Rethinking Retail: Avocado Seasonality Drivers

Avocados continue to grow in popularity and are purchased year-round in the United States. New data suggests seasonal influences impact retail sales of avocados driven by supply chain dynamics and shopper purchase behaviors. These influences have steered the category into an evolution of seasonality over the past four years.

Summer has traditionally been considered the peak period for avocado sales. However, a new study by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) determined that has changed. The Avocado Seasonality Drivers study reveals that the first quarter is the new peak for avocado retail sales and offers actions and opportunities to grow sales of avocados throughout the year. Additionally, the second and fourth quarters represent a significant opportunity to grow sales of Hass avocados by focusing on specific shopper groups and converting more retail trips into avocado purchase trips.

Utilize the information this research provides to drive sales of Hass avocados during each quarter of the year.

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