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HAB Team at the 2023 World Avocado Congress in New Zealand

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Hass Avocado Board (HAB) leadership presented U.S. progress on key strategic priorities to an international audience representing 33 countries at the 10th World Avocado Congress (WAC) recently held in New Zealand. This event gathers avocado producers, researchers, marketers and other stakeholders from around the world every four years for the purpose of information sharing and relationship building. Across four days, HAB staff exchanged knowledge with over 1,160 delegates to help strengthen the collective global power of the avocado industry.

HAB’s programs are recognized as a model to watch and learn from based on results accelerating demand growth in the U.S. With the global avocado market tackling many challenges as well as opportunities as it tracks to nearly double in value by 2026,1 attendees appreciated U.S. program updates as well as informative examples of how the pooling of resources by HAB empowers the industry to do things they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, i.e. the HAB Effect in action.

hkhl event photo
hkhl event photo
hkhl event photo
hkhl event photo

Watch on-demand Global Trends Fresh from World Avocado Congress: Discover the Top Areas of Focus, a webinar featuring key learnings and highlights from HAB panelists: Emiliano Escobedo, John McGuigan, Alejandro Gavito, Gina Widjaja, Nikki Ford, PhD.

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This is the second webinar of HAB’s 2023 on-demand webinar series to support industry members in making better business decisions and driving category growth more effectively.

Source: 1. Statista, Global Avocado Market Value Report, February 2023

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